Bless Jews with Jesus this GivingTuesday!

And see a spiritual awakening like never before in 2023!

Only 15 years ago, most Israelis would never hear the name of Yeshua, much less hear the Gospel. Our Messiah, Yeshua, was the best kept secret of the Jewish people.

Was is the key word here, because today, the secret is being shouted from the rooftops…

In the last 7 years, our Gospel films and testimonies in Hebrew alone have over 50 million views. Globally we have seen over 235 million views.

We’re seeing an awakening like never before as daily we receive testimonies from seekers who’ve binge-watched One For Israel’s Gospel videos online and reached out to learn more about Jesus.

“Jesus” is the most searched religious keyword on Google in Israel! More Israelis are searching for Jesus than all the Rabbis put together!

But this is only the tip of the iceberg!

So this GivingTuesday, rise up with us to see God’s Spirit poured out like never before across Israel in 2023.

May He use our partnership to usher in a spiritual awakening that resounds through the nations for His glory!

Accountability & Stewardship

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