Follow Messiah Episode 6 - Jewish Identity in Yeshua

Following Yeshua isn’t forsaking Judaism, it’s fulfilling the Torah and the Prophets when we follow our Messiah.  In this episode we look at what it means to be Jewish and specifically what it means to be a Jewish follower of Yeshua.  We reveal Yeshua in the Jewish Holidays how they foreshadow his first and 2nd coming.  We look at the triumphs and tragedies in Church History and Jewish history.  And discover how the transformed lives of genuine followers of Jesus have brought the Word of God to the nations.

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Arabic is a very strategic language in which to share the Gospel in Israel, and also among our neighbors!

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Shevet Achim – Dwelling Together

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Muslims Who Listen to Arab Christians Who Know Hebrew 

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Apartheid / Apart-hood? Better Together!

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