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International drug-runner gets trapped by God's love

Living a double life, this Jewish drug-smuggler and father of two eventually hits rock bottom. Arrested, divorced, and shaken by a brutal car accident,...

Human trafficking lawyer needs saving

A Jewish lawyer who was saving children from human trafficking, felt powerless when her own child was in great danger. Watch as a story...

Jesus is Pro-Life! (Lawrence Hirsch)

Life doesn't go the way we think but God uses it all in a very profound way.

Yoav, A Jewish Israeli Found a Source of Life!

Yoav lived a surfer's dream, but that was nothing compared to what he found. That peace hasn't left him till this day. For more...

New Testament Story-“If you love me, don’t read it!”

"In my Jewish bible, I came across a chilling prophecy. I was shocked and showed my mom, who said I should stop reading it...

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