Yair was born in Israel, and after following his family all over the world, returned to serve in the IDF for 4.5 years. He studied Graphic Design with a specialty in Post Production at Tiltan College of Design, in Haifa Israel. Today, Yair serves on One For Israel's media team, but mostly, he repairs the printer and helps people connect to the WiFi.
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Yair Harel

“I am an ultra-orthodox Rabbi, but I also believe that Yeshua is the Messiah of the people of Israel!”

  My story I'm so happy that there is a channel like yours on Facebook, I am an ultra-orthodox Rabbi, but I also believe that Yeshua...

I studied the art of the ninja, only to find emptiness

In this Jewish testimonial video, former Tank Commander and Ninja master Noam shares how New Age spirituality left him broken and empty, and how the light of Jesus made him whole.

"You cannot serve God and curse the Jews!"

Ine grew up in a quiet town in Holland, but the night the Germans invaded Holland changed everything!

The Bread of Life Cured My Eating Disorder!

Dianne grew up Jewish but knew there was more to God than what she was being presented. After several traumatic events in her life,...


Toby grew up in a family of Messianic Jews, but always felt as if his parent's belief didn't match his. When he started drinking...

"The children would beat me and call me a dirty Jew"

Vladimir grew up surrounded by Anti-Semitism, even though he was raised an atheist Jew, but little did he know that God would use his...

Israeli Jewish Avi released from drugs by Yeshua (Jesus)!

Avi was trapped by addictions from an early age, and ended up on the streets of Tel Aviv… until someone told him how he...

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