Dr. Eitan Bar, a native Jewish-Israeli, born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. Married to Kate (since 2007), raising their son Asaf in Israel. Eitan holds to a B.A. in Biblical Studies (Israel College of the Bible. Jerusalem, 2009). and an MDiv Equiv. He also holds to an M.A. in Theological Studies (Liberty University. 2013). In 2020 Eitan received his Doctorate (DMin, Middle East Studies) from Dallas Theological Seminary.
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Dr. Eitan Bar


Broadway producer takes the narrow way

What do you do when your life revolves around popularity, but the way of truth is the unpopular one to take? Broadway producer Jordan...

The Power of the Tongue

The tongue is the most powerful part of the human body. It's also the most dangerous weapon. A sword can cut the body but a tongue...

Jewish Kirt Schneider was locked up by his own family, only because he said I believe in Jesus!

Growing up in a strong Jewish environment Kirt felt his Jewish life was mostly going through the motions, devoid of a personal connection with...

Messianic Jewish Identity – do we lose our Jewish Identity when we believe in Jesus?

Benjamin Disraeli. One of the most famous Jews in history who served as Britain's Prime Minister and was the most eminent Jewish politician in...

A Jewish boy challenged by a Christian Girl

In this Jewish testimonial video, a husband explains how his wife opened his eyes to Jesus by challenging his once narrow-minded views on Christianity. Growing...

What is LOVE? (1st Cor 13)

What is love anyway? TV adverts and Hollywood movies paint a fabricated picture of sexy young men and women all euphoric with butterflies in...

Ellis Goldstien tragically lost his entire family, but found eternal hope.

In this Jewish testimonial video, Ellis Goldstien explains how, through the pain of losing both his daughter and his wife, he was saved, and found hope in Yeshua.

Theology – what is it good for?

Theology. Sounds heavy, right? Should it be a central part of our lives? Or is it a lot of highbrow arguing that just takes us away from God? How...

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