Anastasia, who came to us from the deep south down by the Red Sea (Eilat), is now co-directing testimonies as well as the chief editor for the Hebrew & English testimonies.
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Dr. Seth Postell’s Testimony (I Met Messiah)

Dr. Seth Postell, our very own Academic Dean (who TODAY celebrates his 50th birthday!! 🥳), shares his story on how growing up Jewish he...

Sid Roth: “There Was A Demon Inside Of Me!”

Happy 80th Sid Roth! We're celebrating with Sid Roth his 80th birthday by publishing his life testimony!  Admittedly, Sid is a polarizing figure in...

The Myth that Rabbinic Oral Tradition Sees Women as “The King’s Daughters”

On one hand they tell you that you are the daughter of the king… But on the other hand, they spit on you, put...

Jewish Teacher becomes a Student of Yeshua!

After reading Isaiah 53 this Jewish teacher becomes a student of Yeshua...the greatest Teacher of all!

My Jewish faith in Jesus couldn't be contained!

When this Jewish high schooler wrestled with his identity, he tried to hide his messianic faith from those around him. After coming to the...

Jewish bodybuilder goes from New Age to new life in Yeshua!

After practicing new age for over 15 years, this Jewish bodybuilder encounters a powerful truth that transforms his life forever! You'll never believe how...

A Jewish Doctor finds cure for the soul

Dr. Miller was told by his Rabbi that asking questions and wanting to know more about God is considered "blasphemy", but that never stopped...

Or was raised believing that religion was the opium of the people, until…

In complete opposition to the environment in which Or had been raised, he was exposed to the truth and decided to dig deeper into...

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