Shemini Atzeret: The Last and Greatest Day of the Feast

Shemini Atzeret is translated as the Eighth Day of the Assembly. It’s sort of strange that there’s an eighth day of the assembly, given...

Is the God of Israel Mean?

The God of Israel is often portrayed as mean, and as fundamentally different to Jesus, the meek and mild. Many see God the Father...

Does God See Race?

The furore about race that has taken the world by storm may have started in a despicable way, but it has opened up conversations...


Love Your Neighbor, Love Your Enemy: Israel Sends Aid

"This is the time to transcend conflict", wrote Israel's army spokesman, Avichay Adraee, in Arabic. In a tragedy of huge proportions, Beirut has just...

Amazing Evidence of the Kingdom of Judah Found in Jerusalem!

We've read about Hezekiah, Menashe and the Kingdom of Judah in the Bible, but now archaeologists are digging up ancient treasures from the time they...


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