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and see a spiritual awakening like never before

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Only 11 years ago, most Israelis would never hear the name of Yeshua, much less hear the Gospel. Our Messiah, Yeshua, was the best kept secret of the Jewish people.

Was is the key word here, because today, the secret is being shouted from the rooftops…

  • In the last 8 years, our Gospel films and testimonies in Hebrew alone have over 60 million views. Globally we have seen over 350 million views.
  • We’re seeing an awakening like never before as daily we receive testimonies from seekers who’ve binge-watched the Gospel and reached out to know more.
  • “Jesus” is the most searched religious keyword on Google in Israel! More Israelis are searching for Jesus than all the Rabbis put together!

But this is only the tip of the iceberg!


What is the

Impact of my Donation?

Reveal Jesus to Israel and the Middle East

After 2000 years, Israel is awakening to the gospel once again, and thousands are meeting Jesus through our evangelistic videos. Beyond that, our Arabic outreach is reaching Muslim seekers in Israel and the Middle East with the Gospel of Peace.

We create relevant and engaging content with over 60,000 views a day in Israel alone!

Make Disciples in Israel

Everyday thousands of Israelis watch our Gospel films, but one of our greatest challenges is to help these underground seekers become disciples.

Our team assists new believers by connecting them with the local church, providing online discipleship resources, and hosting special events to facilitate community.

Equip Israel’s Spiritual Leaders

In the past Israelis had to learn English, uproot their families, and leave their congregations to study the Bible abroad. But today, through our Bible College, pastors and ministry leaders are able to study the Scriptures in Hebrew, and remain in their communities as they become equipped to serve in ministry throughout Israel.

Show Israelis God’s Love

Through an established grassroots network of believers, we identify Holocaust survivors and at risk mothers in need of food and essential supplies.

The support and personal care of our team reminds survivors they are not alone, and encourages families who chose life for their children.


Proclaim the Word from Zion

Millions from around the world view our videos and are being connected with God’s heart for Israel and the nations. Your partnership helps us show God’s faithfulness to Israel and brings the Gospel and encouraging testimonies to the nations.